Friday, August 4, 2017

Let's Make Some Miniatures

The Big Reveal

I’ve been working on a secret project since April, dropping little hints about it as we go about what it might be, but we’re finally to the point of revelation. So, let’s cut to the chase. Take a look at our first Breachworld Miniatures. Click for larger versions.

I’ll get more into the history and future of this project below, but first, I’d like to lead with a request that you take a moment and fill out THIS ONE-QUESTION SURVEY and let me know what you’re interested in, if anything.

Beyond that, I need comments and questions, opinions and advice. These will allow me to iron out details before the real work begins.

How We Got Here

Working on a folio of characters for Breachworld, akin to 402 that was previously published, my mind started churning, as it’s apt to do. That led to the idle question of, “What would be involved in making some Breachworld miniatures?”

This thought arrived in parallel to another occurrence, which is that I needed to do something with some JRP funds that have been sitting idle. I could take them out and keep them as profit to no great effect, or I could use them to expand Breachworld into a new and very fun facet of gaming.

That is what we call a no-brainer.

So, I looked into getting models done and putting them up on Shapeways to be printed on demand. I put out a request for proposals and hired an incredibly skilled artist, Kevin Cayula Borg. After seeing his work on his first model, it became very obvious that to do Breachworld and its community right, I needed to seek out only the highest quality production possible, which has always been my objective for Breachworld. On Kevin’s recommendation I sought out one manufacturer who uses extremely high detail resin for casting, then three such outfits. And then hired a concept artist, Eric Quigley, whose work you probably know from Breachworld. And then I expanded Kevin’s contract for some extra modeling. And now I’m in the process of hiring a second sculptor to take additional work.

What’s On Deck

What this all means is that, as you can see, I now have two models ready to go, one more 90% there, concept art for six more models (two of which will soon be under contract for sculpting), and extra bits commissioned for all five of those models (alternate hands, weapons, heads, etc.).

The plan is to get these miniatures manufactured via Kickstarter in the near future. The campaign will be for three models (Tusk, Dru, and Grim), with the next two (Elder and Hollow Mage) as Stretch Goals that are effectively ready for production already.

Every Last Penny

For my part, my initial investment for modeling and producing those first three models is my gift to you. I won’t be recovering those costs. I’m every bit as invested as anyone and really want to see this done.

For all future models, this is a break-even proposition. 100% of every pledge dollar, after Kickstarter fees of course, will go to making more miniatures, or making miniatures better, or giving bonuses to artists. I won’t get a penny. I’d rather put that money toward growing Breachworld than take it as profit.

Let’s Talk

So, let’s talk about it. Feel free to comment here or on social media. Send me an email. Share the idea with your gaming group and your online communities. The more involved and invested everyone is, the more we can do with this campaign.

Game on.


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