Sunday, February 2, 2014

Signs of Life

I'm not claiming a triumphant comeback quite yet, but seeing as this is the first post in my blog for longer than I would care to admit, it's at least something. I may have been absent from this corner of the web, but I have not been idle. Big new developments are imminent.

If you don't keep up with me on Facebook, you might not know it, but my new RPG is about ready to launch its Kickstarter. I'm developed enough to do the thing today if I really wanted to, but I'm sorting out some minor details before I get started. Getting logos created (or recreated), pulling together some preliminary art, and generally arranging all of my ducks into tidy little rows.

"Soon soon soon!" is the cry of the procrastinating hobby writer and blogger, I know. But seriously, soon.

In fact, you can now bounce over to and see that there is progress. It will just redirect you to this humble, neglected blog for now, but that's a start.

This blog will get a facelift and maybe even a slight reformat. I'll also be culling out some old stuff that's not-so-great, but the gaming and geekery materials will remain mostly intact.

I give you permission to maybe get your hopes up, just a little bit. Start telling friends. Follow on Facebook and keep an eye for some new stuff on Twitter. I'm gonna tease the hell out of this thing and by watching closely, you'll get a good preview of what's to come.



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