Monday, May 2, 2011

Complete Characters, Reviewed! And Discounted!

Just a quick hit tonight as I get back into my writing routine after battling the great monster known as The Cold. After a week of alternating my Day- and Ny-Quil like an addict, I'm nearly back to being me. Well, maybe an extra mucus-y me.

I awoke from my OTC-induced coma to find that my fellow blogger over at Reality Refracted took the time to review my current slate of Complete Characters. It's been a while since I mentioned this wonderful blog and its author, Anthony, who is the model of what a gaming blogger should be. His dedication is extremely commendable, and he never seems to miss a deadline. So, be sure to check him out and add him to your blog list.

To thank Anthony for the kind words, I've put ALL of my Complete Characters on sale for a few days, but only if you use the links presented on his blog. So, check him out and grab all of the latest Complete Characters at half the price. The sale is only on for a couple of days, so don't delay.