Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Hit: Meet The d20 Character Sheet

So, we'll see if this is the FINAL final character sheet, but I believe that it is. That is, of course, unless some of you find flaws with it. It's pictured below (click on the image for a larger view).

What we have here is an example of what will be the final page of every Complete Character for the foreseeable future. It's a complete d20 stat sheet to complement the three-page writeups of the individual characters. Stats are given for a low, medium, and high level iteration of the character for maximum flexibility in the use of a wide variety of games and campaigns.

All stats are included. The only thing left for a Game/Dungeon Master to do is to apply any specific, situational bonuses that are granted by Talents and Feats. For example, the character has a given Ranged Attack Bonus, but that doesn't include additional bonuses from Feats such as Weapon Focus or Point Blank Shot. This noted exception is given right on the sheet, so it won't be missed by mistake, and adding such bonuses is a no-brainer for any experienced gamer to interpret. Characters with a huge skill list may also find it culled to only the most pertinent skills for use with the character, but I don't see that being a huge problem, either.

So, what do you think?

Edit: Here's a slight update. I filled in the blocks with numbers that look more "right" than the one above, put in a short blurb explaining the multi-level stat sheet shading, and changed the shadow columns for Ability Scores/Combat Stats/Saves to be long and mirror those of the Skills. If people like that better, I'll compress those blocks a little bit to keep the spacing consistent, which will give me a little more room up top. Better? Worse?

More Edit: Still tinkering with this. Here's the same sheet as in the original edit, but compacted a bit, plus a short block detailing the build. I could cut down on the vertical white space between the blocks, but I think it might start to run together.


Jason Richards said...

Someone asked, so I should note that the stats aren't real. Most of them are just random placeholders, which is why they don't make sense.

Also, it was noted to me that each Talent/Feat needs to be described in the character sheet. I don't see that it's necessary, as they are all standard and easily referenced from the core RPG, or online. Using the OGL I could always publish the Talent/Feat descriptions in a free download, if anyone thought that would be helpful, but I'm not sure I see the point of that. Maybe a link in the document to an online Talent/Feat list?

A.L. said...

That is a lot of info in a very small space. Good job making it not be a clusterf#*!, didn't think that was possible.

I like the look. it is clean, and organized. You know where to go for what version you are using, with the appropriate levels spelled out for you.

Maybe add a note that the bonuses in the skills box are the ranks, and not the total cumulative bonus for those checks, unless the stat modifier has been added in? In which case, maybe that should be noted as well. That could just be added to the line about Talents and Feats. "Final bonuses for skills, talents, and feats haven't been calculated on this sheet" or just a marker on the skills as "ranks only" or "total bonus"

That is about my only critique.

Jason Richards said...

What if the Skills section were instead labeled "Skills/Ranks" sort of like "Ability Scores/Modifiers"?

Jason Richards said...

Or, actually, I suppose it would say "Skills/Total Bonuses" because it includes bonuses from Ability Modifiers, Talents, and Feats.

NMI said...

I like this second version better.

A.L. said...

If you think you can do the ranks/total bonuses without cluttering it up, I'd go for it. But it doubles your data load for that space, as 3 numbers turns into 6 (I can do math! :D )

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