Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Hit: The Latest Complete Characters d20 Character Sheet

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Well, boys and girls, this should be it. This is a real character, with real stats for all three levels, with the character sheet as it will be on the final product. I feel like I'm obsessing about this, but it needs to be clear and concise so that everyone can benefit.

This latest version has one final change to the scheme, which is that instead of simply a list of Feats and Talents, they are indicated more along the lines of the Skills. By looking over the list you don't only see which Feats/Talents exist at each level, but how they progress as experience is gained, and which serve as prerequisites to others.

Try as I might to keep the entire character sheet on a single page, I've compromised somewhat. I'm of the opinion that most GMs/DMs don't need these abilities statted out, as they are available in the core books, for free online, and in a dozen other places if not already committed to memory. However, since it's Open Content, it doesn't hurt me to include the full descriptions. The following page (which will be the last of the character module) will include the full description of each selected Feat and Talent, and probably relevant equipment and gear as well, either from the core book or specially designed. It will be easy enough to simply not print the last page if the user isn't interested in this information.

So, what do you think? Just about fit to see print?


Steve Dubya said...

I feel this way about most of the d20 stuff, but I've always wanted more of what sorts of tactics an individual with those sets of Skills/Feats might throw at a party or foes (if a helpful NPC) so that it isn't just so much a block of numbers to have to wade through.
It all looks well presented as it is, though.

A.L. said...

The presentation is great. I think tactics would be interesting, but also gets into the realm of the character remaining Jason Richards's character, not your character for your game.

There is generally plenty of information in the background to get a feel for how a character approaches fighting and such, and going into tactics may actually start bordering on too much, or at least too much work.

Still. As said, I like the sheet layout. It has a lot more info on it than I thought a sheet could, without looking cluttered.

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