Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quick Hit: Discarding d20 Stats

So, as I build the new d20 Modern character sheets for my Complete Characters, I've decided to exclude a few stats that I have come to view as extraneous, and easily replaced should any particular Game/Dungeon Master decide to add them back in. These are
  • Reputation. I feel like this modifier limits the character creation process, and isn't really that useful for a character that is going to be used by the game's director, in any case..
  • Wealth: Bottom line, from what I can tell, is that nobody even uses this.
  • Action Points: I've gone back and forth on this, but I've decided to discard it. It seems that this is may be the most house-ruled game mechanic out there, and is often eliminated entirely. For NPCs of advanced levels, there really is no way to even track how many Action Points have been used over the character's career, so giving a number available seems silly. Plus, if a GM/DM decides to use Action Points, there is no easier mechanic to introduce with a judgement call or the roll of a few dice.
That leaves, by the way, the following calculated stats to be included (beyond Attributes and Modifiers, and Skills, obviously):
  • Hit Points
  • Defense/AC
  • Initiative Modifier
  • Grapple Check Bonus
  • Melee Attack Bonus
  • Ranged Attack Bonus
  • Speed
Any thoughts on any of this from wiser gamers than me?


sample said...

This was most perfect explanation form you. Your the wisest gamer then any. thanks for sharing this with me!!

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Jason Richards said...

Spammer agreeing with me? Awesome. Comment of the year, so far.

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