Wednesday, August 11, 2010

40K Rogue Trader's Rising Star

A quick hit today, as I frantically attend to matters of business across the real world and Internet. This absolutely deserves a post, however, so I will proceed.

Jason Marker, the man behind Motor City Gamewerks, is one of my very dearest friends on the planet. Despite our close personal and professional associations, he has somehow managed to rise above and continues to impress in the freelance game design and writing industry, proving that daily communicating with me will not kill your career as previously suspected. I know the guys at Fantasy Flight are loving his contributions to their Rogue Trader line, as evidenced by the latest posting on their website.

So, without further ado, read the latest developer's journal for Rogue Trader, then be sure to drop Marker a line and issue your congrats.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thinking Like An Artist

I always loved to draw, and I guess I still do, but my problem is that I can never get that image in my head to appear properly on the paper. It seems like it should be such an easy thing to do, but it's one of those genes that I just don't have, like caring about cars or understanding the appeal of reality television. Luckily, there are qualified artists out there willing to tolerate me long enough to illustrate my thoughts as best I can describe them.

That leads me to this point: I often find it hard to think like an artist. What's worse is that I'm sure that I think I can think like an artist, but I can't. Follow me on that one? While I have this image in my head that I can't draw, I have myself convinced that surely I can describe it using words, right? After all, that's what I do! I'm a writer! If only it were that easy.

Let's talk about the challenges of communicating with your artists. Read on for more.