Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Preview Of d20 For Complete Characters

Building a masterpiece takes time

I know I've been fairly absent, but it's not all for nothing. Just a quick hit for now, demonstrating some progress on Complete Characters. I even think it's pretty sexy, as gaming goes.

The plan here is for Complete Characters to begin to incorporate stats from one or more OGL gaming systems, most notably d20. My love for D6 will likely bring me to stat out at least some characters in the system as well, but going with the gold standard in open gaming seemed the best place to start.

Read on for a visual preview and some discussion of the upcoming updates to Complete Characters, including bonus stats for existing free downloads.

Below is a preview image of the d20 layout for modern-ish characters; I'll have some stylistic differences for sci-fi or fantasy settings. It provides stats (mostly meaningless in this case, so don't try to rationalize them) for three different levels, so that each character can be easily used in campaigns of any experience level. Attributes, ability scores, combat stats, skills, talents, and feats are all given for all three levels. Different sets are identified with different shades of shadow, so at a glance it's clear to which level each statistic or ability is applied.

Click for larger preview

All that I lack at this point is the required legal jargon, a field for the character's relevant weapons and equipment, and to decide how much biographical information to include beyond the character's name.

So, my geek friends and colleagues, what do you think? Have I missed anything major here? Anything else I should consider before I roll up my free download Complete Characters and put them up on DriveThru?

In the meantime, don't forget that I have existing Complete Characters up on DriveThru right now in generic-stat format, many for free. Check them out and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

This looks really good.
I know in some WOTC publications they would included MPC's at various levels, with a short biography of what and how they have changed since the previous level.

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