Thursday, July 22, 2010

Qucik Hit: My Fantasy Writing Retreat

Ah, to be alone with my pen

As my writing "to do" list picks up and the day job continues to pile on its burdens, I find myself fantasizing about getting away from it all. I've often wanted to just take a week off, get out of the house with nothing but a stack of notebooks and a box of pencils, and just write until my fingers bleed.

What little free time I have to write is taken up by little things, here and there, that while they are related to writing, lack the full creative release. This blog is one of those things that I love to do, but it doesn't produce material that can be packaged and sold. Other things include handling the financial side of publishing, or getting contracts written and distributed. Artists need to be contacted and their work reviewed. That's in addition to responsibilities at work, with the family, and at church. It all adds up to a hectic life, at times.

I wonder how much work I could get done if I had nothing to do except write. No Internet. No television. No video games. Just a good, long week alone at the family ranch where I can sit on the back porch and watch the cattle graze, or make a couple of sandwiches and find some shade by one of our stock tanks. I keep telling myself that getting away for a week of relative solitude would be good for me, and that everyone should do it, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger.

I've also often talked with colleagues about getting together in a group to pound out some manuscript or other in a week-long writing and gaming marathon. That would be a real blast, and I'm working on some way to make that happen. I get to see them far too infrequently as it is, so some quality buddy time would be very welcome, and isolated from the world I feel like we could produce some sort of quality supplement in the course of a week.

Alas, vacation time is in short supply and the rest of life presses on. I'll do it someday, soon. Hopefully.


A.L. said...

It sounds like you might just need it as a break in general. Real life can be pressing, and your other job is starting to add up as well. The difference is, your day job is your day job, and writing seems to be your passion. Which is why you are thinking about doing this and seeing what you can do. Honestly, I think you should do it. Maybe not a week at first, but some weekend just head on over and relax, do some writing, and see how much it helps you unwind.

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