Friday, July 23, 2010

Discussion: Gaming With Family

It's been a while since we had an old-fashioned discussion here on Jason Richards cannot be trusted, so I thought that today would be as good a day as any to take a stab at another one. I was a little curious as to exactly how many readers here regularly game with family. Do you game with a spouse? Kids? Siblings? Parents? I know that a lot of us get introduced to games through family, and I figure that most of us have good family gaming stories.

I'll give a couple of my family gaming tales below the fold, but in the meantime, feel free to drop a comment and share your stories and experiences with the class.


My wife, who is far too good for me and will someday catch on to that fact, is not a gamer of any sort despite my efforts. She'll tolerate playing Wii when we have company, but throwing dice is not her bag at all. She's a good sport, however, and tagged along with me to Indianapolis the first time that I went to Gen Con. I got her a one-day pass and she came with me to meet some of the Palladium guys and sit in on one of my games as an observer.

The second time she fell asleep, I dismissed has and allowed her to go shopping. I should have included more explosions in that session.

She did rather enjoy walking around the hall with me and seeing the sights. Gen Con isn't like SDCC, which is going on this week, but there are some interesting things to see. Mostly she enjoyed giggling at the less-than-impressive cosplayers out there, dressed in their intimidating Deadpool pajamas, proving again that she's just the girl for me.


Anthony Emmel said...


My wife was a computer gamer when we met in college (1993); that is, she played all of the old SSI AD&D games for the PC, plus she liked the Nintendo Zelda games. It wasn't long before she was slinging dice with the guys.

Even further back than that was the 1e Gamma World game that I convinced an aunt I really wanted for Christmas (1981). I threw together a dungeon and had my cousins running through the Gamma World.

Flash forward to 5 years ago, and my two oldest daughters (9 and 7 at the time) started playing Hackmaster 4e with our group. Flash forward to this past Christmas and my "at home" gaming group consists of my wife, all 4 of my kids (14, 12, 10, 8) and my wife's and mine gaming group DM (yes, around here we prefer the old title of DM over GM; screw Ha$borg's trademark). We alternate between Palladium Fantasy and AD&D 1E. I think we might shift gears to Heroes Unlimited for a bit.

More here:

A.L. said...

Aside from my cousin, who got me into gaming, no one in my family games. Me and that cousin (and his wife) see each other maybe 3 times a year (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) and we try to game whenever that happens, but aside from that no family connections on the gaming front sadly.

How is gaming with your kids btw Anthony? It seems like a good, fun, family activity that could be done together. Combining family time with the old fun standard of gaming time.

Anonymous said...

My wife also is a non-gamer and has no interest in gaming. She'll play a card game with me, but that's about it. I haven't made any effort though to get to try playing simply because we do everything else together.

When I was a kid, my dad gamed for a little bit with some friends of his, but quickly grew out of that phase when the his DM moved away. My brother use to game, but turned into super-hyper-religious-Nazi and doesn't game anymore.

All-in-all, I don't mind if I'm the only one who games. It gives me my own personal time to hang out with the guys and my wife can have her day to go do whatever she wants to.

ShawnMerrow said...

I game with my mom and brother. We play RPG and board games. Was running a Nightbane campaign for them but currently on hold. I hope to get it started up again soon.

Mark said...

I currently game with my wife, whom I convinced (cajoled) into gaming about five years ago. She enjoys it, but I suspect it's more to have something else in common with me than for love of gaming itself. May I add that I have the best woman as a wife.

As a teen in the mid-80s, I gamed with my brother occasionally. That's about the extent of my gaming with family. Although I fully expect to GM for my daughters (10 and 8) really soon.

Hisham said...

I've run a Star Wars D6 for my son (who's a couple of months short of being 8) some time back. He insisted on being Artoo. And lo and behold, it went well! I can't wait to game with him some more.

MasterKenneth said...

Alright let me list it out with some interesting facts.

My wife, Mama G Has gamed for over 10+ years.
She can run D&D, and Palladium HU.
She has more dice than I do.
She currently is the Game group winner for
"Most Characters".

Daughter Chelsea has gamed for 9 years. Jason's first encounter with her was at Aggiecon and her cyberKnight.
She currently has more character, linked to
other pc characters than I do.
She currently is the game group winner for
"Most character pictures".

Michelle extended family, has been gaming for 4 years.
She can run D&D, Palladium BtS, HU, Dead reign, and Blue rose.
She also has more character than I do, and more dice.
She is the game group winner of "Best Ninja

While my little prince is more not so interested in gaming so far, he does like to bring Godzilla to the table for 'stomping' over the map.
I'm sure he will be a gamer too.

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