Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Star Wars Lives! The Proxis Prospecting Co.

I am quite excited for my upcoming Star Wars game, and I'm always somehow surprised at how easy and fun character generation is in the D6 system is. Every character is different, there are really no "set" classes or templates, and tweaking the ruleset is easier than bullseyeing womp rats in your T-16 back home.

In all the excitement, I have three new characters to share with you tonight, complete with some fun and easy custom rules for each character, and some talk about how they'll be used. Read on for more.

The game, if you recall (read this for a quick refresher), is a one-shot. The characters are way out on the Rim in the Elrood sector, and it's been two years since Palpatine declared himself Emperor. The citizens of the planet Derilyn, home of the Imperial presence in the sector, are starting to get that uneasy feeling that things are changing, and not for the better.

Central to the game will be the prospector, Marit Proxis. He's a community leader and private businessman who has heard some rumors about the Empire's plan for the sector. This character has a special ability that removes the cap from the number of Character Points that he may spend on skills such as Persuasion, Bargain, and Command whenever he trades on his reputation as an honest and caring community leader. The trade-off is that doing anything to damage that reputation, such as being cruel or unjust, will cost him Character Points. His character is below, just click for a larger version. I should note that right now these characters are all just images, but once everything is finalized I'll put them up as PDFs, along with the adventure setup and Game Master information.

Next comes Marit's hired scout and right-hand man, Aric Amdo. Aric spent his early career scouting the nearby system of Tifnyl, but has now settled in as an assistant and consultant at Proxis Prospecting Co. He's a proud individual, with great faith in his various Knowledge skills such as Alien Races, Cultures, and Languages, so that any Character Points he spends are doubly effective on these skills. Any skill failure, however, will cost him a Character Point and shake his ego.

Finally tonight, we have my favorite of the three, Sarn "Janny" Janit, the Easygoing Laborer. Janny has spent his life working just enough to have money to scrape by, and when he could gather up some savings, taking time off to relax and enjoy life. He's a jack-of-all-trades and mostly drives for Aric and Marit, as well as lending an extra hand with the heavy lifting. He's worked everywhere in the city at one time or another, so at any time he has a good chance to locate a friend or old work buddy in any blue-collar diner, bar, or labor yard.

I have a lot more characters, including some shop owners, a local security officer, a couple of hired guns, and a disgruntled Imperial Tech Corporal. None of them suspect that they are about to be swept up in a whirlwind of adventure. Ordinary people guiding the fortunes of entire worlds is what Star Wars is all about. I can't wait!

UPDATE: Check out what Roland of Star Wars South Dakota made me. Awesome, huh? His blog is a great resource and I'll be stealing much of his fine work for my game.


Jason Richards said...

I need a better header image for my Star Wars RPG-related posts. Once I name the campaign, maybe I'll try to scratch something together. In the meantime, if anybody sees an image that just screams "the D6 Star Wars is the best thing ever," please let me know.

Dakkon Ashenblade said...

This is my favourite game system of all time. I literally wore out two copies of that book (they fell apart). For me, that shiny picture of Vader's mask screams that message you're looking for, but one of the fake ads from inside the book would be great. The used starship dealer selling "A whole wing of 72 TIE fighters for the price of 70" is my favourite, but the recruiting posters for the Imperial Navy might work better for a game. I think the tag line was "See the Galaxy" or something like that.

rologutwein said...

It's hard not to get psyched up about Star Wars, especially when it is D6. From 1987 on, I have been hooked. To me, it is one of the few game systems that can and does capture the feel of the subject it was based upon. I just recently found this blog and I'm loving it so far. Good to see there are more Star Wars D6 bloggers out there! Oh, and Jason, I sent you something that screams Star Wars D6 is the best thing ever. Use it or don't, it was still fun to make ;)

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