Sunday, June 13, 2010

Star Wars Lives Again

Just a quick hit tonight. I'm sitting here, watching Firefly on Netflix, and making Star Wars RPG characters. How is that for an awesome evening? I'm even going so far as to build a good character sheet, all typed out on the official template with character art worthy of posting.

In fact, here's a preview of the character I'm working on right now (click the image for a larger view). Pretty rad, huh? I loves me some Star Wars.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, D6 SW doesn't get enough love

Daniel Swensen said...

That's a mighty fine-looking character sheet.

Tourq said...

Just curious, are you gearing up for a SW d6 game? Or just having some fun?


Long live d6.

Hisham said...

That's Stirzy's awesome version of Mungo Baobab! He's one of my favorite artists up on SWAG.

Jason Richards said...

Tourq, I'm gearing up! We start with this one-shot a week from Friday.

Hisham, you nailed it. I'm using his art for all of the characters for this game.

To all, I'll post about half of the characters tonight. They're coming along great.

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