Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Super Mario Is The Devil

I've often been the victim of that bag of chips from which I can't seem to stop snacking. I've stuck with that television show long after it jumped the shark and yet I couldn't look away. I've even been lured into the web of that girl who I know isn't really interested, but flirts just enough to give me that sliver of false hope. Yes, these things are evil, and I have a new demon to add to the list: New Super Mario Bros Wii.

For starters, if you're thinking that I'm late to the party on discussing this game, which has now been out for months, then you'd be right. If you're surprised by that fact, you're probably new to the blog. Picking up games months or years after their release and then discussing them as if they were brand new is one of my charming qualities. I had been wanting to give it a run, but didn't really get the chance to give it a run before this weekend. So, there we were, four characters jumping madly around the screen, reliving the challenges and visages of our youth. It's been a while since I side-scrolled.

It's great fun, finding a nice balance between cooperative game play and Machiavellian oneupmanship. Before a boss fight, you're likely to allow a companion to get that power-up to help in the coming fight, when just minutes before you were maniacally gobbling them up with a Yoshi and spitting them into a chasm.

It wasn't until after we finished playing and we found ourselves walking along the streets of Houston that I felt the game's true impact. It occurred to me that I may have been affected by the game the first time I considered pushing one of my friends into traffic, or picking them up and tossing them into a manhole. I was filled with a competitive drive that made me want to steal French fries off of unguarded plates and blame someone else.

Despite these criminal impulses, I have to say that I couldn't stop playing. I knew that this new game was bad for me,  playing to my baser instincts for violence and revenge, yet I wore a blister on my d-pad thumb, so intense was the experience of throwing fire and ice balls, riding around on Yoshi, and flying around in my helicopter hat. I'm back home today, and have the day off from work, and can hear the calling of my local GameStop. There's a Super Mario Bros Wii there, sitting on the shelf, tempting me.

I shouldn't be surprised. That's what the Devil does best.


Sarah Autumn said...

If the game made you want to do those things, just think about what the young kids playing this game are going to grow up into... XP

A.L. said...

Video games do not affect the psyche. If video games had that sort of affect on people, the youth of the world would be running around in dark rooms, munching magic pills, and listening to repetitive electronic music....oh wait...

Jason Richards said...

As long as we're talking about the effects of gaming, I should point out that I definitely cannot do the Contra/Metroid flip-jump. I wonder how many people have broken their necks trying that? :)

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