Friday, June 18, 2010

More Star Wars NPCs For Your Pleasure

So, I continue working. I updated the last ones posted with some little tweaks, and am plugging away at new characters. I'm continuing to give each their own little special trait or ability for use in the coming one shot, which you can read more about here.

Read on for the character sheets.

Not a lot to say tonight, so just enjoy the characters!


Hisham said...

Heya Jason. Perhaps this could help you in GMing SWD6, if you're into GM screens.

Daniel Swensen said...

Oh Hisham, you're just pimping that out because it's, like, the best thing in the history of ever! :D

Lord Zaboem said...

Aww, he's a sweet character. Seriously, this is another good job, Uncle J. The portraits are the best part.

So SW D6 fans, how do you feel that the newer D6 Space compares to the classic SW RPG or SW Revised & Expanded rules? I've only skimmed the new stuff myself, but I did tend to like the changes I noticed.

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