Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Judge Rules On Rifts Restraining Order

There has been a development in the legal battle between Palladium Books and Trion Worlds over the software developer's new MMO, Rift. If this is the first you're hearing about this, be sure to check out the original post for the story on the origin of the lawsuit, and my thoughts as a Rifts author.

Apparently, Palladium also asked for a restraining order against Trion, seeking to prevent their use of the "Rift" moniker. Read on to see how it turned out.

In this judgement by U.S. District Court Judge, Julian Abele Cook, Jr., Palladium was denied the restraining order, at least for now. I'm not lawyer, but from what I read it sounds like the judge is not convinced that Trion is causing severe harm to Palladium's trademark of "Rifts" in the next week or so. The judgement does say that Trion's exhibition at E3 in a couple of weeks could cause such harm, and so has called a meeting with both parties to discuss the issue next week, where some sort of ruling will be made.

I wonder how next week's ruling could impact Trion. The hearing is on June 9, and E3 kicks off on June 15. What if the judge accepts the injunction on Wednesday? Will that prohibit Trion from exhibiting their new MMO at the trade show, less than a week later? Surely Trion has already sunk a bunch of money into marketing materials, booth reservations, and travel arrangements. It would be unfortunate if they were to be denied their spot at the expo. I wonder if they would just market it under the game's former name, Heroes of Telera.

Stay tuned for more.

Thanks to for the scoop on this judgement and for digging up the document.


Citizen Lazlo said...

I'm pretty interested to see how this turns out.

Jason Richards said...

I'm right there with you, CL. I'm especially looking toward E3 to see how that affects this. If they are able to use the Rift name, it could change a lot. What if it has great buzz at the expo? What if it's a flop? This could turn a lot of different directions.

Grand Paladin said...

Well I can totally understand Palladium's concern surrounding the video game market. I'm not a legal expert but I would suppose if Trion were allowed to use "Rift" in it's MMORPG and Palladium were to finally have a developer produce a RIFTS MMORPG, would there be confusion with Trions' game?? Basically the confusion would flow both ways, and that wouldn't be good for either comany. That's my 2 cents.

NMI said...

I am definitely interested in seeing how this E3 ruling pans out.

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