Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad News For Palladium?

Cue the dramatic music. Trion Worlds has come out swinging against Palladium's legal actions against their new MMO, Rift: Planes of Telera. A day ahead of their meeting before a judge, Trion has finally responded to Palladium's allegations.

Thanks to livingdice.com, we have the documents. I'd encourage you to read the summary found there for the time being, and I'll be back tonight or first thing in the morning here. I'll give you my initial reactions, however, below.

1. Trion is not messing around. No kid gloves. No pulled punches.
2. Palladium's response has merit, but pales in comparison to Trion's statements. Palladium is now clearly on the defensive.
3. I wonder how quickly Palladium decided to "lawyer up" as opposed to taking other actions.

More later. If you have questions or comments, post them and I'll check in from time to time and we'll pow-wow about it. Palladium isn't talking about it, so you might as well talk to a Rifts author, right? I like to consider myself the next best thing, in all things.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can check out the former posts on the matter here and here.


Helmsman said...

So from what I can tell, Trion is actually challenging Palladium's right to use the Rift(s) trademark in Video Games as a medium. Now I'm no expert, but my little knowledge of US copyright law leads me to believe that the guy with the most money wins. There are plenty of examples of big companies muscling small entrepreneurs out of areas they want to control. Trion probably has more tied up in the development of this MMO than Palladium has made in the past decade, they have no choice but to play hard.

I just wish that Palladium had managed it's IP's better these last two decades so that they were in a position to be throwing their weight around rather than in the David vs Goliath battle I think this is shaping up to be.

Jason Richards said...

I think a lot of it is Trion throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. It's no problem for them if any of their accusations get thrown out. However, I have to think that you're on track with the David vs Goliath issue. Can Palladium get in the early kill shot?

Robert G. Male said...

Jason, I thought this suggestion might do better for someone who can directly contact someone at Palladium than me just posting it on PBs forums.

Palladium should see if they get some of those Friend-of-the-court briefs into the record (or however those are used). It's like when Google files a brief to convince the court of the merit of someone else's case. In this case if they were willing Bruckheimer and Blizzard would certainly be good weight behind Palladium's arguments.

Even Surge, the company that looks to license Palladium's properties should get in on this, it's their money too if the Rifts name goes to someone else, especially a one-trick pony like a video game company that won't sell other kinds of games, and countless other types of merchandise.

Even Harmony Gold could throw in some weight, next thing they know Robotech will be a niche name.

Jason Richards said...

All good suggestions, Robert. I think you could call the office with such a suggestion and they'd be happy to hear it. I'm sure that Palladium's legal team is doing everything it can.

I wouldn't trivialize Trion as a one-trick pony, though. Even if that were an apt description, it's a pretty good trick. Trion dwarfs Palladium in perhaps every business category, a fact that they are quick to point out in their response.

Zachary The First said...

Damnation. Not good.

Jason Richards said...

Tomorrow we'll cover highlights of the 50+ pages of legal documents. You will laugh. You will cringe. You will roll your eyes.

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