Friday, May 14, 2010

Rebels, Imperials, and Scoundrels: Star Wars One-Shots

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So, as we discussed last time on Jason Richards cannot be trusted, I have an imminent Star Wars D6 campaign coming up. Killer. Now, how will I, as a seasoned and professional game designer, introduce this new glorious work of collaborative fiction into the world? Using my limited skill set, I have devised a way that will not only be of great asset to my gamers and me, but to you as well.

Allow me to introduce a series of Star Wars one-shot adventures for your enjoyment.

These one-shot games will provide an introduction to the D6 gaming system, as well as to the Star Wars gaming universe for potential players. It will provide a taste of my gaming style to potential players, most of whom will move on in disgust. Those few that can stomach these few sessions will, hopefully, join me for an ongoing campaign.

To give a balanced view of the world, I plan on running at least three one-shots, each from a different perspective and unrelated to the others. They will provide some history and flavor on which the eventual campaign will draw. Let's dive into those a bit more, shall we? If you haven't read my last post about selecting the setting in which these games will take place, this is probably a good time to give that a look.

The Rebels

Vital to the telling of a story that takes place in the decade or so prior to the Battle of Yavin is the presence and importance of opponents to the rule of the Galactic Empire. Sure, at this point there is no true "Rebel Alliance," but individuals have never given up on the ideals of the Republic and fight for independence from Imperial rule, against military occupation, or even just seek to do violence against their oppressors.

In this one-shot, players will play the parts of such concerned citizens. An opportunity has arisen to deal a blow to the local Imperial establishment, and they can't afford to miss it. They will need subterfuge and lots of luck, but a victory here could help to incite others to the cause.

The Imperials

In this system, the local Imperial authority is stretched thin. The Governor has too few troops in his garrison to act as a true military power, and must therefore hold it as a reserve weapon, ready to strike where needed. Investigative teams look into crimes and events that might require the Governor's attention and serve as the representative of Imperial authority where needed.

As a fresh group of reinforcements for a heavily burdened garrison, the player characters will be charged with a mission for the Governor. It appears that some notable figures within the local government and military have gone missing, and there is some concern that they may be engaged in some action against the Emperor. Being new to the system, the fresh transfers will be ideally suited to track down the deserters.

The Scoundrels

Why is it so difficult to make a few credits? Civil unrest. Imperial duties. Local taxes. Guild trade restrictions. Being independent businessmen in this system gets harder and harder every day, and more and more free tradesmen and cargo-haulers are forced to take their businesses underground to make a profit. With more and more money changing hands off the books, the gray area between right and wrong widens.

The player characters are a group of skilled spacefarers, turned pirate. Preying on private, government, guild, and Imperial ships that roam into a secluded space lane, they take valuables ranging from precious metals to whole ships to resell at a hidden spaceport on the edge of the system. Life is good and profits are high, but the life of a pirate never stays simple for long.

So, who's ready for some Star Wars gaming? Huh?


wolfman227 said...

These last two posts remind me of what I loved about SW.

That picture reminds me of why Jedi suddenly had a whole new meaning in my life when I saw it on VHS at age 12...hmmm.

Jason Richards said...

Munn pulls it off pretty well. I'm casting her in my remake. :)

Lord Zaboem said...

I thought that was Olivia...

Oh, there was a topic? Sorry, I'll get back to it now.

The game seems like a cargo hold of fun. If you are shooting for shades of gray (as mentioned in the previous post), you've hit the mark. Instead of heroes, these characters are assuming the roles of consciencious villains.

The system restricts full villiany with Dark Side points, so either you don't use you Force Points, an important resource, or risk loosing your character to NPC status.

Question, will the players be deciding as a group which faction to represent, or will this be an individual choice?

Lord Zaboem said...

Huh, part of my message was lost. About the conscientious villains, players have three options. They can be anarchists (attacking a govenment which is technically still a republic and hasn't yet blown up a single planet). They can be imperial g-men (working for a regime which is destined to become brutal, though that is player knowledge). They can be pirates (not smugglers, pirates). Among these choices, the imps are actually closest to being good guys.

Daniel said...

This is such a cool idea. I wish I could play at your table! So glad to see that people are still keeping the Original Trilogy faith.

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