Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick Hit: Random Gaming Thoughts

Congrats to Green Ronin. I hope DC doesn't screw it up.

Today's Quick Hits, like everything terrible, comes in threes. Brief thoughts on Green Ronin's DC Adventures license, a new gaming shop in my neighborhood, and how badly I suck at video games.

Fingers crossed

If you haven't heard, Green Ronin has acquired the rights to the DC universe for the purposes of bringing the superheroes we love back to the tabletop gaming crowd. I have full faith in Green Ronin, but my first thought turns immediately to, "How is DC going to ruin this?" This is the media company that consistently sits on the sidelines and watches as Marvel turn out incredible property after incredible property into the world. Even Kick-Ass has a movie. If not for stumbling onto the genius of Chris Nolan, where would DC be today?

I'm sure that Green Ronin is going to produce a killer series of books for the classic comic book publisher and media empire, but honestly, we're talking about an organization that is so inept that it is in danger of losing many of the rights to Superman, probably the most iconic pop culture figure in the world, because they can't seem to get a movie made. As I sit here in anticipation of watching Iron Man 2, a film that takes place in Marvel's private big-screen continuity that will soon include an Avengers team-up film, I just have to shake my head at the sordid past of that other publisher. How's that Justice League movie coming along, by the way?

New place to take my money

I have been informed by a fellow Dallas-area gamer - yes, others aside from myself apparently do exist - that we have a new, or at least a newly discovered gaming shop in our area. It's called The Gamer's Realm and it appears to specialize in miniatures gaming, but I am told they have space that we can use to play. This has been the greatest hurdle in getting a group together, so I'm hoping this does it. I was going to check it out this evening, but I sort of forgot. They're closed on Wednesdays, I'm going to a baseball game on Thursday, and watching Iron Man 2 on Friday, so it looks like it will be Saturday before I can check it out. When I do, I'll be sure to issue a full report. If you happen to be from The Gamer's Realm and you're reading this, I'll be the guy soliciting bribes in exchange for positive reviews.

I've never been a guy that games with minis, as I've mentioned before, but thanks in large part to Gabe's posts about his amazing 4e games are sucking me in, and I think I might want to try it.

Such horrific fail

I might be the worst video gamer of all time. Last night I failed to get my Mario Kart Wii to recognize that of my young cousins in Atlanta. I don't know what I was doing wrong, as each of us showed that we were continually "connecting," but never could actually make the link. I feel like I should be able to work anything that Nintendo puts out there, as I'm sure it was designed for kids to be able to grasp. They would have dominated me, anyway.

Then, I did some work trying to clean out simulator disc missions on Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Yet, I am playing this game that is generations old. Yes, it is kicking my ass. I beat Luke Cage's relatively easily, then proceeded to get stomped five times trying to beat Storm's mission. I was all excited to lightning people to death, but all of the enemies are energy-resistant. The mission is in Murderworld, and I actually do pretty well until it's time for bumper cars, and then for some reason I just get destroyed. It's as frustrating as trying to beat Iceman's stupid mission in Mephisto's Realm. I'm really anxious to get these behind me, beat the game, and then go on to Bioshock. Yes, I'm aware that game is ancient as well.


david said...

Hey I'm a fellow DFW gamer too, actually Midcities but thats neitheir here no there. The people at Gamer's Realm gave the miniatures guys a nice reception and I know they have late nights for gaming on Thursday. I also thought Madness Comics was suppose to have a large new gaming area as well.

I completly agree with you how can DC screw up the Green Ronin game? As a fan of M&M since playing in Seattle and playing some of their adventures they had written I've liked what I've seen from them.

Jason Richards said...

I'll check out Madness Comics. Thanks for the tip. Drop me a line if you're interested in doing some gaming.

We just have to hope that DC lets Green Ronin do what they do best. A lot of property owners are VERY restrictive in what they'll let the publishers do. If DC execs decide they know better than the writers at GR, it could be a mess.

Steve Dubya said...

From what I've heard from various contributors to the project, it sounds like a lot of the work (and then presumably appropriate permissions) have already been accomplished with regard to what will and will not be allowed.

Jason Richards said...

I figured, Steve, as otherwise meeting the August deadline would be tough to meet. Like I said, I'm very optimistic and will definitely be checking it out.

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