Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick Hit: One More Gaming Thought


First off, I would like some credit for resisting posting another picture of a scantily-clad Princess Leia as the header image. I am a man of substantial restraint.

So, how's this for a Random Thought: Star Wars is awesome. Or, it at least is potentially awesome, especially for gaming. Maybe it's yesterday's International Star Wars Day festivities, but I sure am itching to play me some old school D6 Star Wars.

I was talking today to my very good friend and yours, Jason Marker of Motor City Gamewerks. He wrote quite a nice little blog post about scaling in RPGs today, and mentioned the West End Games Star Wars as his gold standard.

Can I get a "Hell, yeah?"

Read his post and be enlightened, but it only worsened by Star Wars RPG fever. I was going to start running something of my own here, recently, but I might need to throw some WEG goodness into the mix at random, or maybe just go throw in Force Unleashed, yet another game that I haven't played. I never finished KotOR, either. I'm the worst geek ever.

On a slow brain day you're likely to see some full Star Wars posts from me in the future, but thanks to my aforementioned restraint, I'll hold back on that outpouring for now.

May the Fourth be with you. Or Cinco de Mayo. Or Revenge of the Sixth. It's a busy week.


icesith1 said...

West End Games to me, at least the Star Wars incarnation, has got to be the easiest and possibly the best game system designed. And for me that is certainly saying something.

-Mark said...

I am a massive fan of WEG's Star Wars. I've played around with some alternate rules for running the force in it, to bring it closer to the "modern" conception of the force.

Jason Richards said...

If it has a flaw, and it does have a few, the railroading of Force characters into the Light Side is something that needs to be tweaked for sure, but honestly I've been itching to play a pre-Yavin game where Jedi were basically a myth.

Jason Marker said...

The d6 scale system isn't just my gold standard, it's the gold standard. Like I said, any die-throwing neckbeard who fancies himself a game designer needs to be reading that system and taking its lessons to heart. I just wish that WEG and all of its weird-ass successors hadn't squandered the greatness of the d6 system on garbage like "Men in Black" and other one-off, nowhere licenses that they had no business publishing.

ALso, @icesith, have you tried C.J Carella's "The Unisystem" brought to you by C.J. Carella? Aside from C.J.'s need to mention his own name at least twice in every sentence, it's every bit the elegant little system that d6 is/was.

Steve Dubya said...

I've heard many great things about the WEG D6 Star Wars, but my (admittedly little) exposure to it didn't particularly impress me. Is there a specific book(s) that are considered to be the best incarnation of the game?
And how close is the current iteration of the D6 System to the older version?

Jason Richards said...

The 2nd Edition of the Star Wars RPG is far superior to the original in a lot of ways and, honestly, is the only must-have for the system, in my opinion. Everything else is just dependent on what kind of game you want to play. There are sourcebooks for tramp freighters and alien races and planet-building.

I haven't deeply delved into the new D6, but have looked through it enough to say that it's fundamentally the same. They messed with the way to-hit difficulties work a little bit, which I think is a bit more complicated, but the original method is presented as well. I haven't looked at all at how the new D6 handles magic/psionics/Force, but assume it's similar to the Star Wars model.

Anthony Emmel said...

Star Wars d6 is the game for sure. I use the MDC mechanic in RIFTS, but have long been dissatisfied with it. One of these days, I'm scratch out a scaling systems similar to the one used in Star Wars d6.

Jason Richards said...

D6 is now open and free to use, so it would be a worthwhile project and good basis. Be sure to tell us about it and how it turns out, but OMG DON'T YOU DARE POST A CONVERSION ONLINE!!!


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