Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quick Hit: Notes and Quotes

Had nothing better to put here this morning, or ever

I'll be delivering more exclusive, platinum, and premium content later today, but wanted to jump on with a few notes on this fine Saturday morning. After all, geek life keeps rolling even on the weekend, right?

Three months of nonsense

This blog has been up for three months now, and I can't thank everyone enough for the support. Jason Richards cannot be trusted has enjoyed 5,000 visits from over 3,100 different viewers (or at least different computers) for 9,300 pageviews. The best part? A huge percent of that traffic has been over the last ten days or so, and things are on the rise.

Am I satisfied? Absolutely not. However, I hope this means that more and more people are discovering this ridiculous little corner of the web and finding reason to come back. If you like what you see, please take a second to click a couple of the icons up under the "Spread the word" header to send a link to reddit, Twitter, Facebook, stumbleupon, and others.

Open House just isn't the same without you

I was told this by my lovely and wonderful friend, Nichole, who is currently neglecting her studies to attend the Palladium Open House at the publisher's home office. I've gotta say, I do wish I could be there. It's always a blast to game with friends and fans, and spend time with colleagues who I get to see once a year, maybe.

I suppose that technically it's not the same without me. I have been told that much else is as expected, however. The main man, Kevin Siembieda, has a lot to say to everyone. People are already horse from hollering over the din. Co-author of the hot new Rifts World Book: Triax 2, Brandon Aten, is, as per usual, a totally obnoxious riot. And, I'm told that fan-favorite artist, Amy Ashbaugh, is as cute as ever. The world is right.

More later

Take a few minutes and peruse the site to check out things you may have missed, and I'll be back later with another helping of geeky goodness.


Zachary The First said...

Putting the metal bikini (filled) up is a sure way to attract more hits! Win!

Jason Richards said...

Hehe, we call that "strategy!" And I really did have nothing relevant to post.

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