Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quick Hit: How Soon Is Too Soon?

So, my lovely and darling wife had to work on Friday night, so I had a bro-date with my little brother to check out Iron Man 2 on opening night at the IMAX. She doesn't understand my need to see it on opening weekend, but I'm used to that.

The question is, when is too soon to geek out over a movie and see it again? I was thinking about tonight, but it feels a little like calling a girl within 48 hours after a date. Too soon. I fell like I need to let the experience stew in my brain a little bit before I can re-watch it with a fresh mind.

Next Friday complicates things, as we'll be seeing Robin Hood. Can I watch Robin Hood on Friday night and then check out Iron Man 2 on Saturday? Or should I try to fit in a weeknight showing?

Help me, dear readers. I'm stumped.


A.L. said...

I don't see a problem with doing it whenever you want. Go tonight, and tomorrow night. I mean, while it is one thing to be geeking out, isn't that kind of the whole point of being a geek? You CAN geek out whenever you want.

If you like the movie, and want to see it again. Go for it. Just keep in mind, you may not like it as much due to repeated viewings. But if you have a pressing need to see it, just go. Enjoy yourself.

Dan said...

Find someone who hasn't seen it. Treat them if you have to. So the invisible judgmental people in your head can't say anything. You're tagging along with someone who hasn't seen it! :)


wallysfreethoughts said...

I think A.L. is referencing a good ole economic term of diminishing returns ;)

Personally I would hit it midweek to try to avoid some crowds and cheaper prices. I know some theaters do two for Tuesdays. Two people get in for the price of one.

I am also looking foward to seeing Robin Hood is. My wife is skeptical after watching all 3 seasons of the BBC show. She prefers Jonas over Russel Crowe for looks she says.

Jason Richards said...

I'm a fan of the BBC show as well. I'm sure that the Crowe Robin Hood will effectively be Gladiator 2, but really, is that a terrible thing?

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