Friday, May 7, 2010

Complete Characters #16: The Hand, High-Tech Vigilante

This post filled with extra Shellhead goodness

It's an Iron Man sort of day here on Jason Richards cannot be trusted. I'm psyched for the heavy dose of IMAX goodness that I will receive tonight at 7:30 PM, so much so that it inspired today's Complete Character, which asks the question, "What if someone found just one piece of Iron Man's armor?"

Read on to read my take on that, and how it relates to a teenage vigilante known as The Hand.

Now, I didn't go so far as to rip off Iron Man, entirely. It was just the seed that was planted and then eventually became tis Complete Character. A common theme to Shellhead's stories is the consequences faced by the proliferation of Tony Stark's armor technology. I suspect we'll see that in the film, as a matter of fact.

That begs the question of what a person might be able to do with only a fraction of Iron Man's power, say, if just one gauntlet were to be discovered in working order. Is that enough to create a hero?

On a more technical note, I've added something to the character's "Tweaks" section, which offers gamers some alternate ideas and alternatives. I have specifically listed the particular Strengths and Setbacks that each Tweak impacts, so pay attention to that and let me know if it works, or if it's too much crunch mixed in with the fluff of the text.

Also, I really hope some aspiring or established artist wants to take a stab at this one. I want to see this character illustrated just about as badly as any I've written so far.

Enjoy the character, complete with Twists, Tweaks, Stats, and Extras (lots of really good extras in this one) at the link below, or in the Downloads section to the right of the screen.

And if you put spoilers in the Comments, I'll hunt you down.

UPDATE: This character has been temporarily pulled, but will soon be back as a part of the new series of Complete Characters now available for download (many for free) at DriveThruRPG. Go give them a look!


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