Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Complete Characters #15: Sergio Alvarez, Chemically Enhanced Soldier

Working out is for suckers

I try to keep a lot of these characters on an even keel. However, when drawing inspiration from the Rifts RPG, that's sometimes tough to do. This is a game where it's possible to magically augment your walking tank that is piloted by a psychic. Subtle? Not so much.

So, with this installment of Complete Characters, I've decided to go full-on action movie hero on you. The guy is inspired by the iconic Juicer, so I figure there is no sense pulling punches.

Intrigued? There's more below the fold.

So, in the real world, the military doesn't come to a 17 year old kid and ask him to undergo an experimental procedure so that he can save his kidnapped parents. At least, I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen. If this were reality, and we're stretching our minds to include secret supersoldier programs in that possibility, then surely any such procedure would be done under careful scrutiny and every care taken.

In Rifts, however, those deciding for Juicer augmentation aren't screened and prepped and checked for compatibility. You just pay somebody and POW! You're a roided-up badass. I wanted to capture that dynamic in this character without going completely overboard, so I cut it down the middle and made this particular augmentation available to the next-of-kin of a prepped and screened subject.

Works for me! How about you? Please help yourself to as many completely free downloads as you would like! Complete Character #15 is available at the link below, or in the Downloads section on the right side of the screen.


UPDATE: The character has been pulled down for the time being, soon to join the rest of the new Complete Characters now available at DriveThruRPG. Check them out, and enjoy.


Anthony Emmel said...

Jason, that's an interesting one. I might tweak it for a HU game but, instead of the military, the parents were working for an unscrupulous corporate entity (like Crey in City of Heroes) who believe that the parents fled/betrayed the Company. They then forcibly brainwash and alter the son and use him to hunt down his parents.

Thanks for the inspiration, compadre!

Jason Richards said...

Sounds like an easy tweak, Anthony. Let me know how it turns out!

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