Saturday, May 1, 2010

Complete Characters #14: Rick Hix, Cybernetic Psychotic Supersoldier

The traditional Rifts RPG Crazy might actually be LESS crazy than Hix

So, this was a wild ride. Sometimes when you start writing something, you end of somewhere totally different than where you were going. Usually, that's for the best. I think this worked out to contain much more awesome that originally conceived.

So, keep on reading to check out Rick Hix, a character based on a re-imagined version of the classic Rifts RPG's "Crazy" character class. Read on for more.

Old vs New

The original Crazy (pictured above) is a bit of a cartoon character. He cracks jokes while unloading his energy pistol at you, and is as likely to give you a Bugs Bunny-style kiss as bite your lip off. The class is depicted as uniformly zany, with random phobias and obsessions, and probably a few different stereotypical personalities.

The originals are also traditionally depicted with huge "Coke cans" protruding from their heads as a part of the cybernetic Mind Over Matter system that grants them their powers, which include psionics as well as greatly enhanced physical attributes such as strength and speed. Their punch is like a shotgun blast, and they can nearly match a Juicer in quickness and agility.

Rick is a bit more focused ans nuanced. His powers are far more cerebral, with the effects of his neural implants being brain-based rather than going so far as to directly impact the character's strength or speed. I've also tried to give some description of the purpose of the nodes in his head, and have made them far smaller so as not to cause the sorts of problems run into by traditional Crazy characters; it's annoying having to cut holes in all of your hats.

How to use Hix

Hix could be a great foil for a modern adventure group, or potentially an ally. Perhaps most significantly, he could be used to introduce Dr. Paulo and his machinations. For a different flavor, feel free to take Rick into a more traditional fantasy or ancient-style game with acupuncture used instead of cybernetics, or even throw him into the far future and amp up the level of his ability.

I hope he provides for an interesting character, and some great plot points for your game. If he succeeds or fails, be sure to let me know. You can download the free PDF of the character in the Downloads section, or at the link below. (UPDATE: This character has temporarily been removed, but will return as a part of the new series of Complete Characters that is now up for download at DriveThruRPG. Check 'em out and let me know what you think.)

In the meantime, what do you think?


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