Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Free Comic, Complete With Awesome

Adam and Comfort have done it once again, with another great addition to their comic series, The Uniques Tales. These stories take place in the generations leading up to their amazing regular work, The Uniques. This time it's a 1940s tale, straight from the battlefield of WWII.

Each issue, all of which are free, is written and illustrated by a different team. The author this time around is Bryan J. L. Glass, art by Charles Holbert, with Adam and Comfort tackling the coloring. I can vouch for how fun this sort of project is to tackle, as I had the pleasure of writing The Uniques Tales #5, due out in a couple of months. Adam and Comfort are great to work with, and their world a vibrant and fun one to explore.

Check it out. Right now.


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