Friday, April 23, 2010

New and Improved! Complete Characters #1

The time is rapidly approaching that Complete Characters won't be limited to this humble blog, but will take the Internet by storm. Yes, that's right. By storm. As a part of this, we'll be enjoying fancy new all-illustrated Complete Characters. This week, I've put those touches on a classic: Charles Temple, Humble Leader of Plague Survivors.

See what new you can expect, below the fold.


Charles was the first of my Complete Characters to see publication, and is still one of my favorites. However, all those weeks ago, I was still deluding myself into thinking that I could get a great character down to just one page. How foolish of me, to think that. All characters are now up to two pages of NPC goodness, so I rewrote most of the description.

Extra Extras

The flavor Extras about the high school where Charles instructed the young minds of Littleton was a nice little nugget, now made even more significant since I have specified the high school as the location of the survivors' fortifications. As a part of that endeavor, I've added some notes about a number of survival assets at the school that should spark some adventure ideas in your Game Master brain.

Pretty pictures

Meet one of my talented artists, Eric Allen. He's a skilled craftsman, as you can see, having captured the weariness of Charles in the illustration. Keep an eye on him, as he'll be doing plenty of work on Complete Characters in the future, I hope. I won't spoil what his next assignment is, but it will be interesting to see what he does with it.

All that said, please take a gander at the latest and greatest free downloadable character at the link below, or in the Downloads section to the right of the screen. (UPDATE: This character has been temporarily pulled, but will return as part of the new series of Complete Characters that is now available for download from DriveThruRPG. Feel free to check it out.)


Anthony Emmel said...


just so you know, there is now a "Jason Richards Complete Characters" subfolder in my Palladium folder on my laptop. :)

Jason Richards said...

Good to hear, Anthony. Any comments on them, in general? Feedback is always helpful as I'm about to move into the next phase here in a month or so.

Jason Richards said...

Oh, and be sure to tell your friends! :)

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