Friday, April 30, 2010

Complete Characters, Live!

If you know me, chances are you've wondered to yourself whether I am more innovative or unreliable. Well, we're about to find out, as I find a way to deliver today's promised and scheduled Complete Character. Being as it is Friday morning and I have yet to have a character, complete or otherwise, to deliver to you, it probably appears that I have come to the humble Internet with hat in hand to apologize to my constituents.

But wait! That's not what is happening. We're ignoring the fact that the promised feature is not ready at the scheduled time, and instead calling this a bonus. Keep reading to learn the details of how you will get your Complete Character in an extra special way on this fine Friday. Here's a hint: Live. Streaming.

Crazy is as crazy does

As it stands, I have only bits and pieces of today's character written. In keeping with this week's tendency toward all things Rifts, Complete Character #14 is a re-imagining of a classic Rifts character class with a different slant. We talked last week about how Rifts would change if given a more deliberate theme of the "Faustian bargain," of selling your soul for short-term gain, with severe long-term costs. That has inspired me to write a character based on the traditional Crazy.

The Crazy is a person that has undergone cybernetic brain surgery in order to increase physical abilities and stimulate psychic powers, all in an attempt to take a few steps up the food chain in a terribly competitive world. The procedure has severe psychological side effects, the severity of which increase with time, and all who undergo the procedure eventually end up completely bonkers.

Coming to you, live

I'll be working periodically on my re-imagined version of this character, and I invite you to follow along, comment, and pick apart my ongoing work. Simply click the link under "Downloads" or below to be taken to the Google Document where I'll be plugging away, after which I'll post the completed character!

As a bonus, you have some more Rifts-themed characters coming your way this weekend, so check back often and tell a friend about the time you've spent reading Jason Richards cannot be trusted.

Update: The full character is now written! Check it out in this new completely awesome post.


Shini said...

Looking pretty cool so far.

Zachary The First said...

He's reading as almost a prototype crazy--perhaps the psychic flashes are a poorly-understood side effect?

Jason Richards said...

Grrrr... frustrated. This isn't really turning out well; I keep hitting dead logical ends in the character's motivation. I'm trying to write him as the kind of hero Arnold would have played in a blockbuster summer flick in the 90s. Sort of the tough guy with a heart of gold that is willing to do whatever it takes. That, however, isn't really clicking.

Might have to take a different approach here. To look ahead, my Juicer-inspired character is going to be the Dirty Dozen-styled criminal given a second chance, and my Borg is going to be a soldier put back together again. This Crazy might need to have villainous origins, and I'll save the current backstory for some other character.


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