Friday, April 16, 2010

Complete Characters #13 - Mr. Smith, Dealer in the Strange

This character seemed appropriate for lucky #13, as it is another modern horror sort of character.

Any gaming session needs some go-to NPCs for when the player characters need that special item, gizmo, or bit of information. These brokers of materials and information take different shapes from game to game and setting to setting. In a sci-fi game you need a good underground engineer to repair those illegal cybernetics systems and fence stolen energy weapons. In a fantasy game you need a source for magical components and potions. In your modern pulp horror game, there is no more valuable resource than a man who is in the know when it comes to ancient artifacts with supernatural origins.

Well, you're in luck. Meet Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith is a nice enough guy, but he keeps to himself. In fact, outside of showing up to buy and trade antiquities, nobody even sees him unless he calls for a meeting of some sort. These are usually to either offer work in the treasure hunting game or else to facilitate a private transaction.

He's a guy that knows it all. He can be an employer, a foil, an ally, or a competitor. In any case, the player characters are sure to have plenty of mystery and intrigue on their hands.

Download the free PDF under "Downloads" to the right of the screen, along with the rest of the Complete Characters. Be sure to admire the original character art by the incomparable Mike Mumah. Be sure to check out his portfolio, follow him on Twitter, and become a fan on Facebook. We'll be seeing more from Mike in the future, I assure. you. (UPDATE: This character has been temporarily pulled, but will return in the new series currently up on DriveThruRPG. Be sure to check out all the latest.)


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