Friday, April 9, 2010

Complete Characters #12: Sir Aric Devilkin, Evil Knight on a Mission

Sir Aric is even more evil than this guy

Villains are just so fun to write, and Sir Aric Devilkin is no exception. My thoughts on villain-writing are probably something for another day, but Sir Aric falls into a sort of Shakespearean class of antagonist. Shakespeare didn't believe in shades of grey in his bad guys, but in overt evil. Even in his comedies, he brought us characters like Don John the Bastard in Much Ado About Nothing, who goes so far as to give a soliloquy about how he is simply evil at his core and must act so.

But, I digress. Let's talk about Sir Aric.

Let it suffice to say that Sir Aric is an overtly evil being, and he's on a mission. He is scouring town after town for something, sending his troop of goons into homes and merchants to ransack and search. In his wake follow plagues and fire. When not engaged in the search, he spends his time satisfying violent and lustful appetites. This has all led to the suggestion that Sir Aric is the son of a demon, or even a demon, himself, and he has certainly not refuted it.

Just because he's evil doesn't mean he's simple. There are a number of wrinkles to the character, be it in his constant search or in his mysterious origins. He makes a great foe for a party of fantasy characters, or could be updated and used in a more modern horror game. He could be a short-term villain, or the mastermind behind larger plots, pulling strings that affect the lives of the characters.

Beyond that, you get the Stats, Tweaks, Twists, and Extras that you're accustomed to finding in these Complete Characters, so he's sure to inspire something for your game, no matter your style of play. Download the whole character as a PDF on the right side of the screen, under "Downloads." Then, sound off and let me know what you think. (UPDATE: Sir Aric has been revamped, illustrated, and is now available for download at DriveThruRPG. Take a minute and check out all the latest offerings.)


Anthony Emmel said...

Definitely someone to use in my games. I think I have a use for him in an AD&D (1e) game that I'm running set in Hommlett....

Jason Richards said...

Be sure to let us know how it goes!

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