Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick Hit: Rifter #50 Ships April 18

It was my dad's birthday yesterday, and while we were strolling as a family through the lovely Dallas Arboretum, he turned and said to me, "Son, the world needs more world and character information pertaining to the playing of psychics in Palladium's Chaos Earth RPG. When are you going to make this a reality?"

"Father," I told him, as white cherry blossoms fell from the blooming trees. "The article, detailing three amazingly powerful and unique psychic character classes for Chaos Earth and the entire Palladium Megaverse, is in The Rifter #50, which ships on April 18."

I could see tears of joy welling up in his eyes, but as he is a real man, he didn't cry. He then told me I wasn't too old for him to whip me, and then he pushed me into a koi pond. It was a magical day.

I'm sure your feelings mirror those of my father. After all, who hasn't been waiting to know more about how psychic powers manifest in the maelstrom of magical energies that exist on Earth during the heat of the Great Cataclysm?

The book ships on April 18, so make an appointment to come back here immediately thereafter, where I'll provide you a link to where you can get it at the very best price. As a bonus, purchasing via Jason Richards cannot be trusted supports this site; a portion of any referral fees goes to my local food pantry in support of families in need of a little bit of help in these tough economic times, and the rest goes toward site upkeep and fees.

Until then, quench your Palladium thirst by checking out the listing of the contents of what promises to be a killer issue, listed by contributor:

  • Brandon K. Aten & Matthew Orr – Splicers®. 
  • Braden Campbell – Phase World® Free World Council. 
  • James M. G. Cannon – Hammer of the Forge. 
  • Greg Diaczyk – Rifts® vehicle construction rules. 
  • Carl Gleba – Zodiac Mage for Palladium Fantasy RPG®. 
  • Irvin Jackson – Nightbane®, dark magic. 
  • Mike Leonard – Rifts® Comic Strip. 
  • Mark Oberle – Heroes Unlimited™, Legacies. 
  • Kevin Siembieda – Editorial, News and Coming Attractions. 
  • Jason Richards – Chaos Earth™, psychics. 
  • Julius Rosenstein – A Logic Problem. 
  • Taylor White – Ninjas and Superspies™ expanded combat rules.


Zachary The First said...

A touching father-and-son story, if I ever heard one. Kudos!

Anthony Emmel said...

Kevin posted on his latest Murmur that he has a confirmed 4-12 ship date from his printers. Joy of joys. :)

Jason Richards said...

Indeed, Anthony. I'm not holding my breath, though. You never know with Palladium. :)

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