Monday, March 22, 2010

Cure For The Mondays: Weekend Recap

A lot went on this weekend, and I'd hate for you to miss the very latest on Jason Richards cannot be trusted. Let's review what has come up the last few days in the realm of Complete Characters. All are available in the Downloads section to the right of the screen, for now. Pretty soon I might have to give Complete Characters a separate page.

Full recap below the fold.

Thursday - We were introduced to a fantasy character dedicated to justice in a crossroads town. Roger, Constable of Bromholm, brings a sense of logic and reason to the investigation of crimes in his town. He has cleaned up a once-dangerous town and made a lot of enemies in the process.

Friday - "Action" Jack was called to the service of his country. This pulp action hero is a supersoldier in a top secret program fighting fascist interests in the United States prior to the beginning of World War II. Through hypnosis this ordinary man becomes a hero with unnatural skill and strength.

Saturday - Brandy is an immortal Sea Nymph, bound to human form and barred from her beloved oceans. She seeks ways to end her curse, all the while living in remorse of a terrible crime of passion.

Sunday - The universe has never known a terror like Noriax. This giant robotic machine is a tool of genocide left behind by a long-forgotten race from the far end of the galaxy. Now, enemies have been forced to throw aside their own differences as they scramble to find a way to defeat this civilization-killer before it completes its mission.


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