Sunday, March 21, 2010

Complete Characters #8: Noriax, Ancient Robotic Terror

Roomba, Destroyer of Worlds

I think that our robots have become too cuddly. What the universe needs is more giant, genocidal robots to remind us that these mechanical companions that we have are one mere short circuit away from attacking us in our sleep. So, that's what I'm providing with today's Complete Character.

I won't go on too long about this, crushed as I am at mighty Texas A&M's overtime defeat at the hands of the Purdue Boilermakers tonight. I channeled my angst into a massive antagonist for your sci-fi or space opera setting. How do you stop the unkillable, bloodthirsty machine going from planet to planet, grinding the bones of your battleships and carrier groups to make its bread?

I'll let you figure it out. Check out Noriax, Ancient Robotic Terror, available for download in the nav column to the right of the screen, under Downloads. (UPDATE: The link to the right still works, but now takes you to the listing at DriveThruRPG. Still ancient. Still robotic. Still terrifying.)


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