Friday, March 19, 2010

Complete Characters #6: "Action" Jack Allen, Pulp Supersoldier

A couple of worthy influences for this character

I wish I knew how to write in the voice of a 1930s newsreel, because that's how I would like to present this character. Sadly, I can't and won't. That's probably best for everyone.

My good friend Zachary Houghton over at RPG Blog II once referred to the pulp action genre as "punching Nazis on top of zeppelins." That just about captures the feel. I went about writing this character with that sort of image in mind, but didn't quite stop there.

Jack Allen is the ordinary guy that gets granted, in effect, superpowers. He doesn't find a jetpack or get exposed to vita-rays, but through equal parts chance and fate he finds himself squarely in the middle of the secret battles being fought prior to the eruption of World War II. With the issuing of secret words he becomes the hero, "Action Jack." This transformation is a complete change in personality as well, leaving Jack Allen in the dark while Action Jack is at work.

It's all there in the Downloads section to the right side of the screen. As always, this Complete Character comes with stats, extras, optional tweaks, and adventure hooks. Use him as an ally or foil in your game, today. (UPDATE: This character has been pulled for the time being, but will soon return as part of the new series of Complete Characters now available at DriveThruRPG. Give them a look.)

By the way, the pieces of glorious art above are by the great Scott Johnson and Jeremy Dale. Check out their respective websites, follow them on Twitter, and shower them with the praise they deserve.


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