Thursday, March 18, 2010

Complete Characters #5: Roger Borleng, Constable of Bromholm

It's Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament, and I've filled up my bracket with enough new Complete Characters to fill March with Madness. First up to the line is an NPC fit for your fantasy or medieval setting. Take your best shot.

Have your player characters ever run afoul of the law? Surely not! Well, maybe once, but that was a total misunderstanding. When your Rogue got caught in mid-pickpocket or the party Barbarian got a bit too drunk at the pub and went berserk on the Paladin, who stepped in to clean up the mess? Was there a trial? Judge? Soldiers? Hangings? Guillotine?

The answer to this undoubtedly depends on exactly the makeup of your particular game, but chances are that any Game Master out there has been forced to pull a local jailer or judicious knight out of the Bottomless Bag of Tricks in response to some player shenanigans. Next time, introduce them to today's totally free Complete Character: Roger Borleng, Constable of Bromholm.

Naturally, Roger can be Constable of [Insert Town], but the character begins with a short description of the small town of Bromholm, just out of view of the castle of the local Lord. It's a den of thieves, to be sure, so don't go flashing the last dungeon's spoils or you're likely to find your load lightened a bit.

Roger is a sort of medieval detective, dedicated to law and justice in a region where there is far too little of both. He has no times for screams of "She's a witch!" or the purging of souls by fire, but uses logic and reason to establish guilt and innocence, and does it all in view of the public.

Like with all Complete Characters, he comes complete with stats, plus some Tweaks if you care to spice him up a bit, and Twists that serve as adventure hooks. Add in some Extras for additional world information and you have a complete NPC, ready for your use.

Check it out by navigating the Downloads menu on the right side of your screen, and enjoy.
UPDATE: This character has been pulled for the time being, but will soon return as part of the new series of Complete Characters now available at DriveThruRPG. Give them a look.


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