Thursday, March 25, 2010

Complete Characters #9: Buddy the Snake, Conspiracy Theory Talk Show Host

Are there other worlds out there, speaking to us? Does the government contaminate Capri Sun with crazyjuice? Is it weird that Barbaro's ghost tells me to burn things? I can't answer these questions, but Buddy the Snake can. He's the host of the after-midnight conspiracy show of record. Tune in for more as Complete Characters #9 continues.

This was a fun character to write, for sure, partly because I couldn't help but think of fun ways I would use him in a pulp horror campaign. I think about Beyond the Supernatural or Shadowrun or World of Darkness or really any world where a layer of the weird exists just under the sugar-coated surface that we all see from day to day, and I see the potential for a guy like Buddy. He's out there, working hard to find you the truth, consequences be damned.

Granted, he could be a lunatic, or a total fraud, but he's a living, breathing adventure hook. Communicating from behind his microphone or an Internet message board, he can be a source of bizarre stories in need of investigation, rumors in need of following up, or information on a particularly difficult case. He could be the players' employer or their competition. The possibilities are endless.

So, check him out, totally for free, under the Downloads section to the right of the screen, and come back tomorrow for another action-packed edition of Complete Characters.

UPDATE: This character has been pulled for the time being, but will soon return as part of the new series of Complete Characters now available at DriveThruRPG. Give them a look.


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