Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Complete Character #3: Sam "Perseus" Hamlin and the Gorgon Mecha

Everyone seemed to love the last Complete Characters so much, that I've gone ahead and drawn up the third installment. Meet Sam "Perseus" Hamlin, legendary mecha pilot, and his sweet, sweet 26-ton ride, The Gorgon.

In case this is your first encounter with Complete Characters, they are systemless NPCs for a variety of genres. Each character is fleshed out with a personality, strengths, flaws, skills, and enough additional character information to provide an extra dimension to the character. Further, each includes "Tweaks," which are slight modifications or optional additional information to provide some range to the character, and "Twists," which are optional adventure hooks involving the character.

So, how do these apply to a veteran soldier and his giant prototype mecha? Keep reading to find out.

I won't go on too long about it, but basically Sam Hamlin has the distinction of being the only living soul to ever attempt to pilot The Gorgon with her unique neural interface that hasn't been killed or driven mad. The result, however, is his complete mastery of an unbelievable weapon of war that allows him to lead his beloved Black Dogs in the Alliance's fight against the hated Federated March.

Look no further than the Downloads section in the right-hand side of your screen to give it a try, and if you haven't already, check out the other Complete Characters as well. And please, tell a friend!

UPDATE: This character has been pulled for the time being, but will soon return as part of the new series of Complete Characters now available at DriveThruRPG. Give them a look.


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