Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Peek At Chaos Earth: First Responders

Obscurest. Reverence. Ever.

I still can't help but fiddle with First Responders, even though it is completed and submitted. I have you a first sneak preview a little over a week ago. Here's another one. I have three words for you:

Vehicle Deck Plans.

Don't get too excited. Everything is speculative, so maybe these won't even see print. I certainly can't produce them to a sufficient quality to have them published. That's a job for an actual artist. What I can do is draw to scale and give the artists some guidance. I might even be able to get the actual drawings done. Whatever takes place, I'll make sure these get out, somehow.

Deck plans aren't essential, but they sure can help. I rough them out whenever I'm doing designs in the first place, just so I know where everything goes, and that when I say something holds eight passengers, I know that they'll all fit. They're not necessary for every wagon or hover craft or moving van that comes along, but in futuristic settings it's not uncommon to have unusual designs and configurations for vehicles. In this case, a picture is worth way more than 1,000 words.

I'm not going to tell anything about this beyond what you might be able to glean. Mostly I just wanted to include you, the reader and fan, on the process. Click the image for a larger version and be sure to tell me what you think.


Citizen Lazlo said...

I loves me some deck plans. And I have the "Sneak Peak"action figure thank you very much sir.


Jason Richards said...

For some reason, he was always my favorite.

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