Saturday, February 20, 2010

So, You Want To Be Psychic

You'll get your chance, at least if you're a player in the Chaos Earth RPG. I just submitted my article on Chaos Earth Psychics, which will be included in Rifter #50 in a couple of months as official material. This is my warm up act for writing my next sourcebook, Psychic Storm.

The article contains as much information as I could pack into 17 pages of manuscript and details new types of Minor and Major Psychics as well as three new character classes, descriptions of which follow.

Psychic Character Classes

I don't want to give away too much, but I'll do what I can.

First up is the Charismatic. This class has quite the personality and knows how to make friends and influence people. Weighing in with five basic abilities and nine Complimentary Powers, which are really more like eleven powers, you'll be able to tweak and customize this character like none other.

Next up is the Reactionary. He's the type of guy that likes to let the fight come to him, you might say. With his four core abilities and eight Complimentary Powers (actually more like twenty-four), he doesn't like it when you push his buttons.

Finally is my favorite, the Teke Freak. I'm a solid believer that putting "freak" in the title of any playable character is always a great sign. This guy deserves it, too. His five special psychic abilities and six Complimentary Powers (or eighteen, depending on how you look at it) lack a certain subtlety.

This is all in addition to new types of Minor and Major Psychics, as I mentioned above. I think you'll dig those as well.

What Is A Complimentary Power?

I'm not telling. You'll have to run out and grab Rifter #50, but trust me, you'll like it. Jason Richards is not in the business of reprinting the same 60 or 70 psychic abilities that you already have sitting in your Rifts books. And your Beyond the Supernatural books. And your Palladium Fantasy books. Those powers are all great, but I think Chaos Earth needs something much different.

Under the Knife

Now, I can't make promises on what could potentially make the final cut, as this issue is going to be packed with material and, since it's official, will be subject to the boss man's red pen. I'm hoping it all makes it in, though, as I think it will all be a blast. Even if it doesn't, look for it all to make an appearance in Psychic Storm.

The Whole Story

At nearly 12,000 words and just over sixteen pages, this article is a great start to Psychic Storm. In fact, it's probably close to 20% of the entire new book. Not a bad start, right? See, I do know what you're thinking.


Greyaxe said...

You must be Psychic, which of the three OCC's best suits you?

Jason Richards said...

Clearly, the Charismatic. ;)

Xar said...

Hmm, a new mechanic? Seems to have a multiplying effect maybe. Verrry interestink. Can't wait.

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