Friday, February 26, 2010

Secrets From Within Chaos Earth: First Responders

Can you keep a secret? Because apparently I can't.

Actually, I'm just really excited about Chaos Earth: First Responders and I'm hoping that you're getting pumped up for it as well. The project has taken waaaaaaay longer than I hoped or expected, but that's just the nature of things, sometimes. I'm finishing picking up my last red marks this weekend (for real this time, not like the other couple of times I have suggested just such a thing), so I thought that it might be interesting to provide as much of a sneak peak as I can. So, consider yourself "Spoiler Alerted" when I tell you that what follows comes straight from the pages of First Responders.

Here are twelve sentences, taken at random from the manuscript. All provide some sort of insight as to the content of the book, and some actually tell quite a sensational story. Glean from them what you will.
  • Terrible Hydes to society’s subdued Jeckyls, the manifestation of the deepest, darkest, most insidious side of human nature never fully regressed even in the Golden Age of Man, but lay dormant until the moment was right for it to break loose again.
  • So, while these skills are available to characters in Chaos Earth, having them is uncommon and those that do are often labeled as “odd” or simply as throwbacks to an earlier way of thought.
  • He or she would also have 1D20x500 credits readily available in a financial institution, though that is not likely accessible.
  • While in the broadest sense any person can be a “first responder,” the civilians most commonly trained in the practice of emergency response are firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement officers.
  • Its European transportation manufacturing was run primarily from German plants through a similar arrangement using a company called Mitternacht.
  • The interior of the vehicle can be configured for anything from burn centers to full-scale surgical rooms.
  • Like a suit of power armor, the lightweight brace responds to the wearer’s muscles, assisting in movement.
  • Often in extremely dangerous situations involving radiation, toxic chemical spills, or extremely hostile combat zones, the drone is sent without human accompaniment (alone, or sometimes with a Combat Drone for support) with orders to collect wounded and return them to the rear.
  • It was equally popular with criminals, particularly organized groups of smugglers, drug traffickers, terrorists and professional muscle.
  • A greater healing spell or psionic ability may be used to stop the onset of the disease in the first 24 hours, but after that the condition is a permanent part of the infected person’s life.
  • Tunneling beneath the ground, silent and quick, they position their maws just at the surface, still covered in a thin layer of dust and soil.
  • By simply touching a device, often by slipping their long fingers into a series of ports, and releasing their natural bio-energy, they may power the device in much the same way as a battery would power something on Earth. 
Excited yet? Huh? Huh? Huh?


Grell said...

If there's detailed information on the police and what they look like in the golden age, I'm definitely pumped!

Jason Richards said...

If you want to play an officer of the law, you'll be fully capable of doing so!

Anthony Emmel said...


I can't wait to get this, fellow Texan!

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