Monday, February 15, 2010

New Comic Book Project Drops in July

Or at least, thereabouts. It was my pleasure to write a comic for The Uniques Tales, a monthly series of comics set in the superhero world created by Adam Withers and Comfort Love. They did some blogging about it today and thought I would share. Check it out. Don't forget to download the first issue of The Uniques for free while you're over there. Once you read it, you'll order the rest. It's as good or better than any supers comic out there.

While I'm plugging this upcoming project, I might as well remind you to take a gander at the work of Jeremy Dale, who is drawing the issue. Greatness.

I have a number of projects in the queue, but this is the one that I'm most looking forward to. I love working with friends, especially when they are sickeningly talented and make me look good by association.


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