Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My So-Called Gamer Life

Okay, I admit it. I am a massive fraud.

As often as I talk about the sweet geek life, I am now here to admit that I have not sampled fully from its bounty. There are certain experiences in geekery that we, as a culture, all share. It's expected that we all know the finer points of Star Wars canon. We can explain the difference between Wisdom and Charisma. We have discovered that our princess in in another castle. It's these common experiences that help to bind our otherwise diverse membership into a real community. However, there are a number of standards that I have neglected while building what I feel is an otherwise strong geek resume, or as I like to call it, my "gresume."

While I'm not willing to come totally clean on all of the geek staples of which I have failed to partake in my lifetime, I am willing to discuss at least the one gamer transgression of which I have just been absolved. I have learned from my mistakes. I have reached out to that which I have wronged. I have made my amends.

I have...

I have played Guitar Hero

I don't recall when Guitar Hero came into my consciousness, exactly, only that when it did I immediately related it to Dance Dance Revolution, an enticing gaming platform that I discovered on a visit to South Korea in 1999 which then somehow followed me back to the States shortly thereafter. The idea of it is simple enough: you mock-play a guitar by pushing buttons that correspond to images on the screen. When I was a kid, we called this Simon. Guitar Hero is a notable improvement.

In truth, I didn't just play Guitar Hero. I played Guitar Hero World Tour. Last night was our newly-instated monthly Game Night, and all together there were six of us (four guys and two girls, if you're keeping score) taking our turns at the four stations. I personally enjoyed singing the most, which is natural since it allowed me to flaunt my arsenal of fist-pumps and rockstar kicks, followed by bass, drums, and then guitar. I fully concede that guitar is probably progressively more fun as the difficulty goes up. I spent the night rocking as hard as is possible on "Easy."

The night was a smashing success, and I lament that I have not picked this up sooner. I still confess that I don't see what the big deal would be if playing alone, or even playing guitars, two at a time, but pretending to be an act up on the main stage and belting out Eye of the Tiger was just too much fun for words.

So, I hope that I may be forgiven by the gaming community. I recognize the greatness of Guitar Hero, and I humbly admit my mistake. A thousand apologies to you, my brothers and sisters, for living this lie for so long.

So, ROCK ON, boys and girls. I'll let you know when my album drops.


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