Monday, February 1, 2010

The Internet is open for business

Apparently, there is this thing called "The Internet," an alleged massive network of chips and wires and electrons that carries information around the globe. I am also led to understand that human beings harness this magical power through a process known as "blogging," which effectively beams the thoughts and feelings on an individual onto this mysterious Internet, creating a small window into the life of the "blogger."

Sounds good.

I'm sandbagging a little bit. I have actually heard of the Internet. We go back a long way, sharing a complicated history full of disappointment and unfulfilled promises. If you're reading this, you might be one of the literally dozens of people who have enjoyed previous incarnations of or some other endeavor at an online presence. I feel that I owe you an apology, in that I'm sure at some point in the past I promised you a feature, update, or article and then failed to deliver. My hope is that by using the magical power of Blogger, it will be easier for me to post new tidbits and insights with greater regularity and reliability.

If this is the first time for our paths to cross, then I'm certainly pleased to meet you. I, as you may have guessed, am Jason Richards. My great love in life is the written word in most of its forms. I do my best version of authoring in a number of forms, probably most notably in short fiction and role-playing game design. The two genres often stew in the same creative pot for me, so I think you'll find my posts here weaving somewhat uncontrollably from the world of prose and into that of gaming with great regularity.

So, all of that said, I entreat you to return to this point in cyberspace with regularity, on Tuesdays and Fridays, so that we may engage in discussions on topics both small and very small. I'll be here. I promise.


Zachary The First said...

Hooray! Added to the ol' blogroll!

Jason Richards said...

Be prepared for lots and lots of spam, Zach.

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