Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Big Announcement

Speed: 100 mph (160 km) maximum, provided good roads or smooth terrain. Half in less than ideal conditions. Travel may be impossible through marshes, deep mud, thick accumulations of unsettled snow or ash and in fields of large debris.

With those words, I think that I'm now finished with Chaos Earth: First Responders. It's funny how it sneaks up on you. It always takes me by surprise.

Now, I'm not totally finished. I still need to print it out (all 105 pages) and read it on actual paper for one last go-through, but... wow!

WOOOOOOO!!!! How about that?


Grell said...

That's great! One step closer to it finally being in my grubby little hands...

Quim said...

Congrats! :D

Zachary The First said...

Great news!

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